Monday, October 10, 2011

Mystery Men #2

David Liss and Patrick Zircher continue to channel the spirit of the classic pulps with this Marvel Comics series.

The lead character, The Operative, is on the run from the police.  He has been framed for murder.  Now he has to team up with Sarah Starr and the ghostly avenger-The Revenant.  The team ends up confronting the villain of the story, The General, in his home.  Like all good criminal masterminds, The General is prepared for our heroes.  They are led right into his trap.

The Operative was created in the mode of The Spirit and the Green Hornet.  The Revenant uses illusions to create a ghostly persona.  And Sarah Starr is revealed to be similar to The Rocketeer.  Put them all together against an overwhelming foe and you have this new classic pulp series.  I would say that fans of the Green Hornet will love this series.

Over at the "Pulped" podcast, episode 11, David Liss is interviewed.  He talks about "The Mystery Men" and his upcoming "The Spider" mini-series.